Headliner Times in Seattle

I go to a lot of shows. I’m pretty busy nowadays, and don’t have the time to show up early to watch the openers and wait for the artist I’m interested in (usually the headliner) to perform. I’ve increased my ability to predict when to show up by keeping pretty careful notes about the set times for all of the recent shows I’ve gone to (with 50+ different shows as data points now). Here is a plot showing the median time the headliner comes on at each venue (large red point), along with the individual data points.

A couple of notes:
1) Zootunes really is for the kids.
2) This data is not subdivided by day of the week (I expect later start times on weekend nights rather than weeknights). I may eventually do this if I gather enough data.
3) I don’t think Barboza usually starts that late. I’ve been there at least a half-dozen times; unfortunately, most of those times were before I started keeping track.
4) Nectar ALLLLWAYS starts and ends late.