Tickle Teslas

Seattle has a lot of Teslas. So much so that I invented a game called “Tickle Tesla” that I played with Anna. It’s kind of like “Punch Buggy”, except, well, it’s a bit less violent. It was kind of inconvenient to actually tickle the other person while driving, so we started banking the Tickle Teslas, and I kept records in a google doc. Here’s a plot of my records over the last 10 months or so:

I was a lot better at the game (probably b/c I’d be driving with my eyes on the road more often), so I ended up just accumulating Tickle Tesla points. I used to redeem them (“red” in the above graph), but I apparently just gave up after a while. Also, I just started accumulating so many points that the whole game became kind of a pointless and a source of stress. So now we play without actually keeping track, and that’s way better. Hmm, maybe I should keep track of things that aren’t worth tracking.

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