Iota Game Results

I had to be scorekeeper for a board game called Iota (it’s kind like scrabble, but with numbers and shapes and colors) … which means I had data I could then analyze after the game was over. First, a distribution of scores for each person for all 19 turns of the game:

So as you can see, I played a relatively conservative game, where I scored a lot of medium-ish scores consistently throughout the game. No zero’s (passes), but also few high scoring turns. Sounds like me.

Here was a running tally of scores throughout the game:

So indeed, I had a pretty consistent accumulation of scores throughout the game. Furthermore, it looks like I was almost never in first place; a little bit through rounds 2 through 4, and again through rounds 12-14. Anna really blew by both of us for the win at the end. Let’s see if I have a better outcome the next time we play this game…