This may fall under the umbrella of creepily personal information to post online, but here goes:

I’ve had few issues with managing my weight over my lifetime, probably due to a combination of my genes and a relatively active lifestyle (I walk 4-5 miles each day for my commute, and try to go for a run at least a few times each week), though I’ve felt that I’ve needed to cut back on junk food now that I’m in my mid 30s. I was still a bit shocked and dismayed when I saw I was over 180 lbs around Christmas last year (stupid holidays…), so I’ve been into weighing myself since then, especially over the last couple of months (as it’s become one of my data record-keeping obsessions). Of course this means I now have a graph for it. Since there’s a within-day variability of a few pounds, I’ve made a 2 week windowed average, which I’ve smoothed a bit (This is the thick black line).

I guess the good thing about having this feedback (ie. the graph) is that it incentivizes me keeping up the healthy habits (eg. staying active, avoiding junk food).

Update 6/6/19: Oh god, all of that was laughable. Being so busy has caused me to be less active and steadily gain weight to uncharted territories (190+). All hope is lost.

Update 3/14/23: Well, I’ve now updated it again. Baby was born (blue line), which contributed to weight gain again. I’m currently on another downswing in weight, though this time it’s because I caught some bug from baby being in daycare.