I had previously tred to keep track of my daily exercise totals, but this ended up being too much work to sustain, since it required manual curation to put gps files in the right categories. Instead, I’ve just decided to aggregate all distances traversed in my gps data (almost exclusively walking or running nowadays), to come up with a simlar graph. Here’s what my totals for the last 180 days look like:

Red line is the average of a 7-activity window.

Notably, it’s pretty cyclical; this is likely due to decreased exercise most weekends (since I don’t have the automatic 4-5 miles from my commute).


I’ve also decided to plot the data a different way; this is a plot showing the cumulative distance I’ve gone over the last 180 days.

So a little bit over 800 miles over the last half year, amounting to ~4.6 miles per day (at least when I first posted this). Looks like Anna and I did a fair bit of walking during our trip / honeymoon to Italy. Furthermore, I lost a few days of exercise while I was frantically preparing for my practice chalk talk to the GS faculty (as well as the practice job talk for faculty two days before that). All-in-all, I’m pretty happy with all of this.