Body temperature

When the SARS CoV-2 / COVID19 pandemic was first reported in China, Anna and I started taking our temperatures, initially just to establish a baseline to know what our normal range was when healthy. More recently, after the pandemic really started affecting the US, we continued taking our temperatures to monitor our health. We also started getting the temperatures of some of the people around us, such as our moms. Here’s a plot showing what types of readings we’ve been getting with different types of thermometers (forehead in red, and the traditional under-the-tongue in blue).

Once my mom returns home with the thermometer we’re giving them (since they’re all out of them in Seattle… even here in Cleveland at this point), I’ll probably ask my dad to start taking his temperature as well.

UPDATE 3/21/2020: Anna and I started using an ear thermometer, which is just as convenient as the forehead but has somewhat more intelligible readings. Also, our parents have been very good about taking their temperatures from afar, which we’re both very pleased with. With a decent amount of readings taken over time now, I’ve gone ahead and made a time-plot.