Faculty Job Announcements on Twitter

While scrolling through my Twitter feed, I’ve started seeing people officially announce that they have accepted a faculty position. It would seem that this would be about the right time of year (with many jobs first being advertised near the end of the year), though I was curious whether I could actually use Twitter data to figure out when most people would be hearing back, negotiating, and signing offers. Thus, I searched for phrases such as “I’ve accepted an assistant professor”, “starting my lab”, “be an assistant professor”, and “accepted a faculty position” to find announcements and record the date on the tweets.

Indeed, the major season for these job announcements seem to be between February and May. It looks like there’s also a small blip of announcements shortly before Christmas. Accordingly, there seems to be a lack of announcements during the Christmas / New Years break (makes sense, as things shut down) and shortly after the start of the academic year.