Favorite albums of 2021

Wait… isn’t it New Years Eve of 2022? Well, yes…. I didn’t post my favorite albums list last year, so before I post my favorites list for 2022, I may as well post this vastly outdated one.

1. Olivia Rodrigo – SOUR

I feel like this is pop music at some of its finest. Such catchy songs delivered with such earnestness. Also helps that this was still on strong rotation when baby was born. Lotsa good songs, but if I were to choose a handful: “drivers license“, “deja vu“, “traitor“, “happier“, “jealousy, jealously

2. Turnstile – Glow On

I did not know that hardcore punk could be this genre bending. Highlights: “HOLIDAY“, “MYSTERY

3. Dave – We’re All Alone in this Together

I dunno, I think super-solid hip hop / rap albums are pretty hard to come by, and this is definitely that. Kind of has Kendrick Lamar of England vibes. Highlights: “Both sides of a smile“, “Heart attack“, “Clash

4. Lucy Dacus – Home Video

I didn’t adore this album like I did “Historian”, but I will always be a fan of her and her songwriting. Here’s a few good examples of it from this album: “Thumbs“, “Christine“, “First Time

5. Album Medley: Like last year, I’m just going to give this last spot to a bunch of albums that I didn’t like so much to have their own spot, but still had useful roles for me that year. Here they are in no particular order.
Every Time I Die – Radical: Upbeat enough that I’m pretty sure it powered me through many hours of working / writing in my office. “Planet Shit
IDLES – Crawler: This album has been a slow burn for me. Sonically sounds like a cold winter to me. Gotta love their song named after a local music venue, though. “The Beachland Ballroom“, “MTT 420 RR
Dry Cleaning – New Long Leg: There’s something very calming about this musical style. Never gonna top my favorite bands / music list, but they’re interesting enough I’ll keep paying attention in the future. “Her Hippo