Feeding the baby

Baby was born over the break. That was a whole ordeal. But now that she is home, we are feeding her every 2-4 hours. We’ve been keeping track of when we feed her, and how much we feed her. Here’s the plot.

So she is almost exclusively bottle feeding right now (she had already gotten into the habit of it from the 4 days in the NICU). While she largely started on formula (colored blue) while Anna’s milk production was ramping up, she is now almost exclusively on breastmilk (colored red). The black line gives the sum of the formula and milk amounts.

While I could have left the plot as volumes given, I was more curious about what her average rate of consumption was, so I could better know if she’s been eating more or less than usual in a given period of time. Thus, using a 7-hour sliding window, I calculated how much volume she would be eating over the course of the day at that rate. That’s what the y-axis shows.

PS: As an added bonus, here’s a graph of all of her diaper changes (and at what rate they are occurring) as well: