Favorite Last Songs

As I’ve mentioned many times before on here, I mostly listen to music as complete albums, since I feel that it’s one of the best ways to experience a musician’s creative vision. And I really like it when artists end an album with a good, well-thought out song. It doesn’t have to be the best song on the album; I just want them to end the album with a particularly impactful tone / tenor / atmosphere.

After having a small discussion about this with one of my coworkers, I decided to compile an ongoing list of my favorite last songs of albums, and made a resulting spotify and amazon playlist of the compilation. And, well, I also made a plot, since that’s what I do.

Looks a decent mix of artists across different levels of popularity. The list definitely skews toward somber and bittersweet songs, though.

PS. I realize the irony of me extolling these songs for being great last tracks of albums… as I put them in a playlist completely divorced from their album contexts. Oh well.