Grog Shop Headliner Start Times

In my old age (rather, now that I have a small child), the live music concerts I go to are largely restricted to shows at the Grog Shop, since it’s a 10-minute walk from where I live and I can just head over a catch an artist after I’ve helped put the baby to sleep. Well, much like I did in Seattle, I’ve been keeping track of what time the headlining artist takes the stage at the Grog Shop, so that I can eventually time things perfectly, such that I don’t show up so early that I have to kill time there while waiting for them to finish setting up, and not so late that I miss out on the first few songs. Well, here’s what my record keeping has shown so far.

So if there are three bands listed, I’m usually fine if I get there slightly before 9:45pm. If there is only one opener (so only two total bands listed), it may make sense to get there a bit earlier, like 9:15 or 9:30pm.