Sickness from baby

One side effect of the pandemic, was that with the constant masking, I avoided getting sick for a good 2.25 years. Unfortunately, that all changed when I had a baby in daycare. I feel I’ve been *constantly* sick since last September. Here’s some data to support this.

Blue line denotes when baby started in daycare. Red lines denote clear instances where baby got a fever, and subsequently passed whatever pathogen that was causing the fever on to me. Green line indicates when the sequelae from the previous bout of major infection finally resolved. Orange is an infection event (I got pink eye and started vomiting) that wasn’t obviously directly from Avery, but still likely from her daycare (they had recently put up a sign saying conjunctivitis was going around).

So yea, in the last 180 days, I’ve been sick (or suffering lingering symptoms from the previous illness) for 87 days. So almost half the time.